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Firstly, I want to tell a big welcome to you. I put up this web site because like many other people I recently wanted to replace my old Canon pocket camera with one of the latest digital camera model so to enjoy the latest technology from digital photography. So, for a good while, I had researched the internet for reviews high and low till I found the solution in Sony HX9v.

I put up this web site to pass information to people about my findings and experience with this camera model and also to teach them on the features.  Let them know them in advance and so they can know what to expect with a purchase.

You can find on this site everything you need to know about Sony HX9v digital camera to do intelligent decision on buying it. You can read the description and explanation for all of the features. Later below, you can see a video review.

At the end of this Review, you can read feedback from real customers and also about the cons to Sony HX9v what its customers found with the use.

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My Sony HX9v Review

Sony designed this camera to be a ‘pocket size’ ‘point and shoot’ camera with lots of extra professional, semi-professional features which are really not usual in this camera category.

Typical user for Sony HX9v could be a frequent traveler who wants to focus on the experience during visits instead of bothering with the camera settings. This kind of use although does not exclude the professional users as they can also find tasty features here and they can also switch to the manual settings.

I had made a lot of research till I purchased Sony HX9v but I loved it since the purchase. I owned an old Canon model before. So, the transition from this old model to Sony HX9v was an enjoyment. I found every feature in Sony HX9v which one can wish from a ‘Point and Shoot’ camera.

  • Super large zoom (16X optical with digital zoom goes to 64X)
  • Excellent image stabilization
  • Good picture quality (16.2 megapixel resolution)
  • Excellent video and sound (1080p HD with Stereo sound)
  • Fast auto focus
  • Excellent Auto Mode producing always great images
  • Good battery life

The Sony HX9v is well built aesthetic camera. It nicely fit into your hand giving a good feel holding it and touching its controls. It also has built-in 3D capabilities delivering the option for you to shoot your very own 3D images.

This is just a very special feature from such compact camera. The Sony HX9v has a built-in GPS as well. That can be a handy if you want to track your trip with geo-tagged images if you are abroad or in the wild. sonyhx9v_figure

Video and Image Quality

Sony is the leader in producing professional High Definition (HD) intelligent devices, digital cameras and TV. The Sony HX9v is nicely fitting in this line.

With Sony HX9v, you can record your video in full 1080p HD format. This quality is the same what is used in cinema films. So, your HD movie can show up on your 55-inch TV in total perfection which can blow your neighbors and friends off if they have a chance to see them.

Sony HX9v uses the progressive image scanning technology. That means that it scans every video frame in one pass as opposed to the interlaced scanning mode which does the same in two passes – first pass for the odd lines of resolution and the second for the even lines.

The progressive mode creates the video file from a series of recorded whole frame data whereas the same with interlaced mode is of a series of half frames.  The video playback follows this video data storage method. The playback draws your video – frame by frame with the progressive mode. The same is by half frames in interlaced mode.

The truth is that the progressive mode guaranties the better image quality featuring sharp borders and vivid pictures. The other mode is prone to result blurring borders on fast moving objects of the recorded video like recorded sports events.

Sony built its best image processing and sensor technology(Exmor R CMOS) into Sony HX9v which is beneficial to both photos and videos resulting in clearer, more vibrant and crispy image quality comparing the same to other similar digital cameras.

Sony hx9v features

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Sony HX9v Review | Shooting functions

  • Shooting 3D still images
  • 3D Sweep Panorama mode
  • Shooting HD video with stereo sound
  • Shooting still images during video recording
  • Self-Timer 10 sec, 2 sec
  • Self-Timer 2 sec for Self-Portrait with one face or two faces detection
  • Intelligent Auto, Super Auto, Program Auto mode
  • Memory recall mode
  • Manual Exposure shooting
  • Background De-focusing mode
  • Super Zoom
  • Burst shooting (10 frame per seconds)
  • Intelligent Panorama mode (creates 43 Megapixel panoramic image)
  • 3D still image shooting
  • Sweep Multi Angle mode
  • Scene selection (Soft Skin, Soft Snap, Anti Motion Blur, Landscape, Back Light Correction HDR, Twilight Portrait, Twilight, Hand-held Twilight, High Sensitivity, Gourmet, Pet, Beach, Snow, Fireworks, Advanced Sport Shooting)
  • Tracking Focus
  • Anti Blink
  • Smile Shutter
  • Red Eye Reduction

Connection to PC, TV or to other Compatible Devices

  • HDMI output using HDMI cable to HD TV
  • USB output using type-3 compliant USB/AV/DC IN cable to SD TV
  • USB with USB 2.0 cable to PC
  • JetTransfer to other JetTransfer compatible devices
  • Eye-FI to other Eye-Fi compatible devices

The JetTransfer or Eye-FI capabilities are optional elements of Sony HX9v and in some countries the use of these are subject to the local law.

Super Zoom & Fast Auto-Focus

I think one of the best features of Sony HX9v is the 16X optical super zoom. The typical in this compact camera category is the 5X zoom. Not only is this outstanding zoom available for taking still images but also for shooting videos.  The 16X zoom can also go to the amazing 64X if you enable the use of digital zoom.

For videos, this super zoom – although – would be worthless without fast auto-focusing and effective image stabilization. Fortunately, both these features are very strong in Sony HX9v.

With Sony HX9v, you can enjoy the full benefit of this large zoom. You can say good-by to blurry, hazy, unfocused images during zooming and the roller-coaster effect on the video which comes with trembles of the holding hands during recording.

This super zoom together with the HD quality gives you the chances to create high featured videos which have just not been possible to create till Sony HX9v with similar point-and-shoot cameras.

I have heard that somebody used this super zoom capability to shoot breath-taking photos from birds in nature.  That is a good idea…

Low-light Shooting

Sony HX9v has very exceptional low-light shooting capabilities with fast focus even in such lighting conditions and also with good light measuring. I was just amazed.

Sony has built up Sony HX9v with Exmor R CMOS sensor technology. It uses new wiring technology to photo-diodes – the back-illuminated technology. And this makes the Exmor R CMOS sensors twice as sensitive as the conventional CMOS sensors. These technological improvements result in greater clarity in the dark on the photo or recorded video.

These low-light shooting capabilities are useful for situations for you when the use of flash is not allowed – for example at taking museum photos. With Sony HX9v, the end photo is quite good almost as you had taken it at in good light.

The Sony HX9v has also good light measuring capability which is also beneficial to low light videos when for example the performer is in the spotlight.  This good measurement avoids blowing off the performer face on the recorded video.

With Sony HX9v, you can shoot professional concert arena, nightclub or other night-time event videos  with such a high quality which is only usual for much more expensive professional video recorders.

3D Images

All of the latest digital camera models have built-in 3D functions. It is equally true for Sony HX9v. Although, this Sony model offers more – beside of the regular 3D still image modes – it offers 3D mode for Panorama photos and multi-angle panorama photos as well. In Panorama mode, the camera takes multiple images during move it over the landscape and combines these images into a 3D photo.

The multi-angle panorama mode works the same way as 3D panorama mode but the result is a stereoscopic image. Viewing it from left; you can see the left view-point image – doing the same from the right the right view-point image comes up.

These 3D features offer you and every Sony HX9v camera user some very interesting new creative photo making opportunities.

One thing, although, we have to mention here. You need 3D TV to see the 3D pictures as the LCD screen does not have function to play back 3D images.

Sony HX9v Review | Built-in GPS and Geo-tagging

sonyhx9v-geotaggingSony HX9v is the first Sony packet digital camera model with built-in GPS unit. Utilizing this unit, you can setup the camera to do geo-tagged capturing the geographic information together with the photos and places it into the photo files as location metadata.

Later, you can easily flip these geo-tagged photos on a map interface for example on Flicker, Google Earth or Google maps. Now, you have the cool option to show your holiday trip-route together your photos on map to your friends.

What Customers Are Saying About it?

It is always a good idea to check out what other costumers are saying about to product you are researching for a possible purchase. I did this myself also.  Overall, for Sony HX9v I have found that the customer feedback is very positive.

Almost, all of the customers are very happy with their purchase. I have collected a sample set of these feedback and included some here in this Sony HX9v Review so you can get the feeling.

“This simply is the best camera on the market even at a much higher price category. The HD movie playback is of very high quality. …”

“In short, it gives the best video quality you will get from anything. At 1920/1080/60 fps, it easily rivals sophisticated HD camcorders and may even exceed a lot of high-end DSLRs …”

“I even tested this camera on its auto focus mode by taking a shot of a ceiling fan set on high and it captured a photo of it as if the fan was standing still, very impressed. …”

“I took the HX9V along to a music festival this weekend, and have to say that the video was everything I’d hoped for. Photos as well. The IS works well on video, only ‘shake’ came from people bumping into me …”


To give correct information, I include in this Sony HX9v Review some drawbacks that some customers mentioned with the use of Sony HX9v. I think mentioning these in a review also a must. Some people found that:

  • the camera size 105x59x34mm (4.13×2.32×1.34”)  is a bit bulky for a pocket camera
  • the video shooting start a bit slow
  • Inconvenient position of the flash
  • The video file numbering start over on zero after downloading all of the videos from the camera
  • Professional users making lot of shooting the battery life turns out short
  • The LCD screen and lens do not have proper protection
  • Sold only with internal charging option (via USB) – no external charger provided

None of these drawbacks are really look major though. Some are related to the physical outlook or some how the camera works so these are the questions of getting used to the camera really.

To the item for the battery life for professional users, as for solution I recommend buying two or three spare Lithium-Ion NP-BG1 batteries and one external charger. Usually, such professional users also complain on the storage space in the memory card as it is insufficient for them with their daily busy use.

For them, I can recommend the use of 32G SDHC memory card (enough for 3500 still images). I have included some links to these accessories here.

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To solve the lens and LCD screen protection, I recommend buying a hard case for the camera. Here is a link to a really good one.

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Where Can I Get the Best Price?

If you want to save money, time and effort the best option to buy Sony HX9v is online shop. I have researched for prices the major online stores and finally, I come to Amazon and I found that Amazon list Sony HX9v starting from $224.99. This looks the best deal in long run considering that Amazon offers the camera with FREE Super Saver Shipping & Money Back Guarantee.

You can also buy different discounted warranty options at purchase – such as 2-Year SquareTrade Accident Protection + Warranty or 2-Year or 3 Year Warranty options.You can check out these offers yourself at Amazon and also, you can read more customer reviews there. Here is the link: Sony HX9v at Amazon

I hope my Sony HX9v Review helped you out some way to make up your mind.

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